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The Importance of ServiceNow Developer Context/Syntax Understanding of ACL

Ramki Venkatraman
Aug 6, 2021 3:59:03 PM

For the ServiceNow developer, securing data within the system is of paramount importance. The creation of access control lists (ACL) and their importance to data security is one example in which understanding the context in addition to the syntax of ServiceNow is critical for a ServiceNow developer.

ServiceNow access control list (ACL) rules are one method that the platform provides to control what data can be accessed and how it can be used. While an organization’s ServiceNow developer is often the chief administrator, there are also internal administrator roles that develop within specific departments, such as in HR. While two or more HR departmental administrators would certainly need access to HR data within the ServiceNow platform, the ability to read that data and make changes to fields or forms would not be universal.

A skilled ServiceNow developer needs to understand the functions, roles, and processes of HR to ensure that ACL rules and the group assignments do not leave openings for potential labor law violations in which personal data is concerned. Ensuring that these standards are met within the ServiceNow platform requires a fairly high level of interpersonal communication skills. The ability to effectively communicate lies at the heart of the ServiceNow developer’s ability to make the role and group definitions scalable and effective across different departments.

At Solugenix, our deep experience in service management, help desk development, and operations informs our ability to vet a ServiceNow developer beyond certifications. We have the methodologies to ensure that talented candidates have the specialization skills in addition to the soft skills of business processes and high-level communication and collaboration. As just one example, the importance of ACL rule development shows how that vetting process leads to smooth and effective process automation for an organization.

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