by Ramki Venkatraman, on Sep 8, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Say hello to the Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) workflow, a new addition in ServiceNow’s Paris release. Most large organizations are already using ServiceNow to manage employee interactions, including IT, …

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Topics:ServiceNowDigital Transformation

by Ramki Venkatraman, on Aug 8, 2021 6:20:51 PM

Going from theoretical transformation of business processes via the ServiceNow platform to a reality is no simple feat. There are few organizations that can accomplish this without the support of …

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Topics:ConsultingIT StaffingServiceNowHiring

by Ramki Venkatraman, on Aug 8, 2021 6:14:00 PM

It’s clear to businesses that ServiceNow is a suite of feature-rich applications built upon a robust platform that makes the process of configuration and customization quick and easy. The challenge …

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by Shashi Jasthi, on Aug 8, 2021 6:03:05 PM

Today’s business requirements are dynamic, which means that ServiceNow solutions must be capable of responding to those changes. Organizations have to keep in mind that, while the ServiceNow platform is …

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by Ramki Venkatraman, on Aug 8, 2021 5:49:03 PM

When it comes to maintenance, ServiceNow cannot be treated as a project. To be successful, the platform requires that the ServiceNow IT team is capable of working closely with the …

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Topics:ServiceNowBusiness Operations

by Ramki Venkatraman, on Aug 8, 2021 5:37:27 PM

As businesses contemplate the switch from their legacy ITSM platform to ServiceNow, migration personnel who have the experience and skills become a pressing concern. It takes highly experienced personnel to …

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Topics:IT StaffingServiceNow

by Ramki Venkatraman, on Aug 8, 2021 12:55:52 PM

Some businesses tend to blur the lines between a ServiceNow developer and a ServiceNow administrator. That's because the best of these professionals share a similar skills profile. But they differ …

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Topics:IT StaffingServiceNowHiringDevelopers

by Ramki Venkatraman, on Aug 8, 2021 12:43:51 PM

The key to a successful ServiceNow implementation is in the ServiceNow integration process. This is where the true power and scope of the ServiceNow platform is made possible as applications …

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Topics:IT StaffingServiceNowData Integration

by Ramki Venkatraman, on Aug 8, 2021 12:28:17 PM

As IT changes from being an administrator of infrastructure to becoming a driver of enterprise services, the ServiceNow platform becomes a key success differentiator. This makes the role of the …

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Topics:IT StaffingServiceNow

by Ramki Venkatraman, on Aug 8, 2021 12:14:30 PM

IT departments have entered an era in which they are no longer separate from the business but an integral part of organizational success as a true service business. As IT …

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Topics:Service ManagementServiceNow