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Ensuring Smooth ServiceNow Integration with a Professional IT Staffing Partner

Ramki Venkatraman
Aug 8, 2021 12:43:51 PM

The key to a successful ServiceNow implementation is in the ServiceNow integration process. This is where the true power and scope of the ServiceNow platform is made possible as applications that support your internal processes and core business are integrated with ServiceNow.

What Is ServiceNow Integration?

Essentially, integration is getting two disparate systems to effectively share information and work more cohesively. There are often many ways to tie disparate systems together, and ServiceNow can be integrated with any on-premise system like SAP or cloud-based applications like Salesforce CRM.

Various companies integrate their ERP and CRM systems with ServiceNow to automate business processes for IT, support, HR, and facilities teams. It gives enterprises all the cloud benefits including streamlining geographically dispersed third-party apps and data sources and reducing costs through metered services.

Delivering a Successful Integration

While ServiceNow is a highly intuitive platform for users, ServiceNow integration requires a level of platform and IT service management knowledge and strong technical development skills that internal IT teams often lack. It’s common for businesses planning new or expanded implementations to seek out ServiceNow IT talent as either new hires or contractors that work on a project basis.

Either way, these ServiceNow IT professionals must bring a broad set of capabilities to the table in addition to their specialization (administrator, developer, project managers, etc.). This is where an IT staffing partner that specializes in all facets of IT discipline experts as well as service management and ServiceNow will be crucial to success.

ServiceNow Integration Works Across Many Entities

From on-premise and cloud-based third-party apps and data sources to industry standard regulation adherence, ServiceNow integration can be accomplished with the highest level of security with support from ServiceNow developers. Even disparate legacy apps that are notorious for their difficulty in establishing interoperability and compatibility with other applications can be done quickly and efficiently as part of ServiceNow integration.

While ServiceNow supplies a large base of integration points for a wide range of third-party applications and data sources, it pays to have highly experienced ServiceNow professionals on staff or as contract hires to ensure a smooth integration and make appropriate enhancements as external systems grown in scope and functionality.

It’s true with the most common integrations with CMDB, incident management, problem management, change management, user administration, and single sign-on. It’s even more imperative with more specialized integrations.

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