Successful ServiceNow Migration from Legacy ITSM

Ramki Venkatraman
Aug 8, 2021 5:37:27 PM

As businesses contemplate the switch from their legacy ITSM platform to ServiceNow, migration personnel who have the experience and skills become a pressing concern. It takes highly experienced personnel to accomplishing this migration without adversely affecting business operations.

Start ServiceNow Migration with a Project Management Plan

Gathering the requirements to drive the migration from a legacy ITSM solution to ServiceNow is the basis for the development of a formalized project management plan. This requires serious input from your ServiceNow administrator/developer who must be equally skilled in business processes and ITSM.

The goal of the project management plan is to enable your organization to develop a detailed roadmap and timeline to address desired implementation areas within the organization during particular timeframes. These areas are likely to include, among others:

  • Change management
  • Incident and problem management
  • Request management
  • Event management
  • Timecard management
  • Asset management
  • HR case management
  • Performance analytics

Without strong communication, conflict resolution, and business relationship development skills, administrators/developers cannot be effective. The end result is likely to be a ServiceNow migration project that has a high probability of failure.

The Benefits of Proper Planning

When all resources, plans, and skilled personnel are in place, the project management team can create a detailed process roadmap that takes the business from current state to future state. A ServiceNow migration involves expertise in how to end up with clean data, accurate routing, correct configuration items, and groups to maximize best practices as related to ITIL.

With proper planning and the right personnel, a ServiceNow migration project can be completed with minimal impact to daily operations. In addition, the organization can avoid the operational and business impact of managing IT services across two systems in parallel.

The Right People Are Key to Success

This success all hinges to a great deal on the right choice of ServiceNow personnel for your IT team. Making the right choice with the right professional IT staffing partner can be the key. They can provide personnel support throughout the process that paves the way for realizing the many benefits of ServiceNow migration to your business, workforce, and customers.

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