Developing an Effective ServiceNow Maintenance Approach

Ramki Venkatraman
Aug 8, 2021 5:49:03 PM

When it comes to maintenance, ServiceNow cannot be treated as a project. To be successful, the platform requires that the ServiceNow IT team is capable of working closely with the departments where ServiceNow affects processes as well as the overall organization. At the heart of maintenance for ServiceNow is the metrics plugin, which helps the team evaluate the effectiveness of IT service management processes.

The Importance of Metrics

Of course, that effectiveness requires not treating metrics as a routine task but a fundamental aspect of ITSM. In other words, for ServiceNow maintenance to be effective, ITSM metrics should:

  • Support validating decisions and assumptions
  • Set a clear direction for activities and improvements
  • Justify what we do and why we do it
  • Provide the means of healthy intervention for failing services
  • Utilize balanced, meaningful KPIs
  • Link the vision, mission, objectives, goals, CSFs, and KPIs

Add a ServiceNow Business Analyst for Effective Maintenance

This approach to metrics and maintenance often requires the support of a ServiceNow business analyst to work in partnership with the IT organization as well as the ServiceNow administrator. The cloud-based nature of ServiceNow means that the business analyst can be an onsite or remote contract professional and perform their duties equally effectively.

Just as with other ServiceNow professionals, ServiceNow business analysts are in high demand. Organizations often find it challenging to find these ServiceNow professionals that fit the short-term as well as the long-term needs of the organization on their own.

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