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ServiceNow Customization: Creating the Look and Feel of the Employee Self-service Portal

Ramki Venkatraman
Aug 6, 2021 4:15:53 PM

It’s fundamental for ServiceNow clients who utilize the platform across the enterprise to create an Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS) that enables uniform corporate branding of all custom ServiceNow applications across the organization. This level of ServiceNow customization is normally the province of ServiceNow solutions architects, implementation specialists, and senior administrators, among others.

Having a long-term vision and strategy for customizing the ServiceNow employee portal requires a deep grounding in ITIL, service management, and the structure of the enterprise and its goals with ServiceNow. Obviously, it’s not possible to bring in permanent or contract ServiceNow talent with a fully realized understanding of the corporate structure and its goals and vision for the platform.

Consequently, ServiceNow talent must have more than certifications and experience in the ServiceNow platform to be capable of hitting the ground running within a new enterprise environment. They must have soft skills, such as a strong grounding in business management, business structures, and business processes. ServiceNow customization also requires a high level of communication with all facets and levels of the organization to create a portal that has:

  • All of the responsive services
  • A well-defined governing and requests structure
  • A strategy for bringing other providers into the portal

This level of ServiceNow customization has many moving parts that are all part of an evolving usage strategy. Having a professional IT staffing services partner that understands all of these components and takes the time to understand the needs and vision of each client is the surest way to finding the right ServiceNow talent to help take your organization to the next level.

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