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Beyond ServiceNow Certifications for ServiceNow Talent

Ramki Venkatraman
Aug 7, 2021 4:20:50 PM

ServiceNow Certification is a starting point rather than an end point when it comes to assessing ServiceNow talent and their skills. Just as in other positions, the dedication to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an attribute that all good ServiceNow talent should pursue.

This dedication to professional development can be seen in their quest for additional certifications, training in specific technologies, and their dedication to soft skills development. That doesn’t necessarily mean formalized business education, as one example (that can be pretty theoretical anyway). What can be far more telling are the positions that they take in different verticals, which can say a lot about their dedication to professional development as well.

Although it's rare, there are professional ServiceNow staffing firms that work with their talent pool to cultivate these professional development attributes and even provide meaningful support to help them achieve broader skill sets either via certification or other training. It’s also important that organizations looking for long-term ServiceNow talent be just as dedicated to professional development as their ServiceNow candidates.

In a highly competitive market in which there are only so many ServiceNow professionals at any given time, knowing that the company is willing to help assist with further certifications and training (for example, via vendor training programs), it can be a highly effective incentive for luring the best talent to the organization.

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