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ServiceNow ITSM Platform for Integrated Enterprise Business Process Transformation

Ramki Venkatraman
Aug 6, 2021 2:26:32 PM

Today, ServiceNow ITSM extends far beyond IT as its workflows, user experience elements, and configuration management support processes deliver efficiency, transparency, and user experience to other parts of the business. Support from the right ServiceNow specialists steeped in service management and ITIL enable them to become solution providers who improve the overall organization.

This level of support can only be possible when, for example, developers are embedded in the organization so that they can determine how to help the workforce, departments, and enterprise solve problems. By viewing business processes and the technology that underpins them in a holistic way, ServiceNow talent is better positioned to make a stronger impact on the organization through development of tangible benefits.

The Benefits of ServiceNow ITSM

The goal of ServiceNow specialists is to view business processes through a lens of the potential of ServiceNow ITSM. In doing so, they can get the most out of an organization’s technical assets by breaking down silos for greater integration.

As one example, document management application solutions can blend with project management suites to create streamlined document processes that change the way businesses work. Document changes can be shared/accepted/denied on the fly, and managers can also integrate their schedule and assigned tasks within various documents.

The potential of ServiceNow ITSM can only be realized when specialists take a hard look at end-user and customer needs to customize the functionality of ServiceNow accordingly. When that viewpoint is applied to HR case management, ServiceNow ITSM can transform processes that span different business functions, such as employee onboarding.

Using ServiceNow Holistically

By viewing the entire process through the lens of all end-user needs, ServiceNow specialists can better connect the new employee-onboarding process. In this case, creating a seamless and informed process between HR and IT (providing laptop technology and user permissions) and facilities management (for filling other workspace needs). The ITSM foundation of ServiceNow enables process transparency, accountability, and integration in which assigning work and follow-up are needed.

Accomplishing these and myriad other ServiceNow ITSM process automation potentials requires developers, administrators, and other ServiceNow specialists to understand how to leverage the platform to improve service quality. This automation ultimately benefits the end users as well as the organization’s client base through fulfilling client needs and strengthening customer relations.

ServiceNow as a Bridge for Collaboration

By using IT service management throughout a company, these ServiceNow specialists can improve communication between departments by applying the same terminology to service principles. Doing so eliminates silos that inhibit process flow and integration as well as miscommunication that introduces process mistakes.

Every organization needs ServiceNow ITSM specialists who speak the language of business processes and understand how to interpret that through the possibilities of the ServiceNow platform. Ultimately, these specialists will speak the same language as their coworkers across departments to enable streamlined business processes that are enabled by technology, automation, and applications.

The End Goal

The overarching goal here is to transform an enterprise into an organization that uses the same core elements that are being used to support IT and spread them throughout the business to provide true service management.

At Solugenix, our mission is to provide ServiceNow ITSM professionals who think about ServiceNow in terms of the types of product and service offerings that effect internal change for an organization. This ultimately changes the nature of the enterprise as a service business that meets and exceeds the needs of its customers.

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