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ServiceNow Staffing: Primary Skill Sets for Administrators, Developers, and Implementation Specialists

Ramki Venkatraman
Aug 6, 2021 12:54:47 PM

If you look at job placement advertisements for ServiceNow staffing, you will see many similarities, as well as a fair amount of differences, among specializations. Certified ServiceNow systems administrators, for instance, should be capable of configuration/customization of the ServiceNow system, including workflows.

Necessary Skill Sets

It's a given that ServiceNow professionals be capable of using scripting tools and creating scripts to automate routine tasks being done in ServiceNow. Of course, the list of skills that are commonly needed can stretch much longer into the aspects of content management, data management, user administration, core configuration, security, and beyond. What is interesting for organizations looking for the right ServiceNow talent for their needs is the fact that a number of these skills are common among other ServiceNow professionals in other specializations.

For certified ServiceNow implementation specialists, the ability to perform integrations and process automation using ServiceNow Orchestration is foundational to their skill sets. Also imperative is an ability to transform functional requirements into detailed technical designs.

Since data is a key part of migration and integration with successful ServiceNow platforms, it is standard that professionals be capable of loading, manipulating, and maintaining data between ServiceNow and other systems. It is also necessary that they have skill sets in creating and maintaining APIs and data integration processes between ServiceNow and other services.

Differences and Similarities of Skill Sets

When it comes to ServiceNow staffing, it quickly becomes apparent that there is always a combination of highly differentiated skill sets among ServiceNow certifications and the professionals who hold them, as well as a considerable amount of overlap. This overlap can be seen with ServiceNow developers and implementation specialists when it comes to APIs and data integration processes since they are foundational to both positions.

Expertise in JavaScript and web technologies (XML, HTML5, Web Services, etc.), as well as a working knowledge of LDAP, VPN, SSL, and other skills may be foundational to certified developers. Conversely, they are often found in other specialty tracks.

How to Choose the Right ServiceNow Team

With ServiceNow staffing, organizations must be able to look beyond the resume and certification to see the depth of their understanding in each area within and outside of their specialization to accurately assess a ServiceNow candidate. The takeaway is that organizations must have a clear picture of their goals for ServiceNow and the methodologies and processes to accurately assess the potential ServiceNow talent. Without that structured viewpoint, organizations can make costly mistakes that can cripple their service-oriented business model.

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