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ServiceNow Solutions for Planned Instance Upgrades

Ramki Venkatraman
Aug 6, 2021 1:02:51 PM

While the ServiceNow solutions for planned instance upgrades are well supported with regular release dates, many organizations assume that the process can be handled with only a single administrator or developer on the IT team. That may or may not be true depending on the workload of the administrator and whether the organization is well into an enterprise-level integration of the platform.

It can be more advantageous to consider bringing in contract ServiceNow support personnel for major instance upgrades as part of upgrade preparation and rollout. ServiceNow solutions for upgrades provide comprehensive best practices via the ServiceNow Wiki, as well as push protocols that can make the process more straightforward. However, that doesn’t mean that upgrade implementation will be error free.

Having additional ServiceNow support can enable proper planning for cessation of development activities in preparation for the upgrade. Assembling an upgrade team that includes contract ServiceNow talent as well as departmental ServiceNow administrators enables a fully supported upgrade in which the needs of education and awareness can be more efficiently handled throughout the enterprise.

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