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Redefine the Patient Experience With ServiceNow's HCLS Workflow

Ramki Venkatraman
Jan 21, 2022 8:00:41 AM

When it comes to patient care, certain complaints arise all too often. Patients might spend too much time in the waiting room or feel like their time with the doctor is rushed and impersonal. Then when they reach out to express their grievances, they might get a delayed or dispassionate response.  

Even when healthcare providers do their best to avoid these situations, they could be lacking the proper resources to get to the root of the problem. With ServiceNow’s Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) workflow, the patient journey – as well as the internal facility process – is simplified and streamlined at every turn.  

End-to-End Service  

From the patient’s first office visit to follow-up questions and concerns, a plethora of efficiencies can improve their experience every step of the way. To name a few:   

  • AI-assisted case routing minimizes hold times  
  • A single system provides universal visibility into case history  
  • Patient onboarding and compliance are faster and easier  
  • Patient issues can be identified and resolved more quickly

Faster onboarding means less time in waiting rooms, while a better understanding of case history means fewer repetitive questions for the patient and more meaningful time with a doctor. 

Manage Location-Based Work Efficiently  

When you can see the big picture in real time, it’s easier to plan and stop complications in their tracks. For example:  

  • Schedule equipment maintenance or supply orders and send the right people and equipment to complete the work the first time  
  • Monitor trends and take immediate action to minimize impact on customer experiences  
  • Reduce future case volume by identifying opportunities for automation and self-service  

Convenient, Responsive Patient Engagement

Give patients a greater sense of control over their care with self-service, easy access to information and more:     

  • Give patients access to their care information anytime, anywhere  
  • Allow them to quickly and easily complete tasks like verifying personal information, requesting a prescription refill or cancelling an office visit 
  • Personalize self-service options for common, quickly resolved issues
  • More challenging requests are routed to skilled representatives without wait times – for faster resolution and meaningful conversations

If you’d like to learn how you can leverage the HCLS workflow for your team, schedule a quick call with our ServiceNow experts

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