What’s New in the ServiceNow Healthcare and Life Sciences Workflow

Ramki Venkatraman
Sep 8, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Say hello to the Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) workflow, a new addition in ServiceNow’s Paris release. Most large organizations are already using ServiceNow to manage employee interactions, including IT, customer service, employee benefits, and even field services.

You may be using ServiceNow for some, or all, of these functions. But until now, integrating your EMR to create a single platform of record was a technical challenge requiring custom implementations.

Not anymore. In this piece, you’ll discover how ServiceNow’s new workflow can help patient care organizations participate in the digital transformation.

Want to check out all the details? Download ServiceNow’s deck to see what’s included in this release, as well as what’s coming next year!

Who Can Benefit from the New HCLS Workflow?

With ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box electronic medical record (EMR) functionality, you can seamlessly integrate all your tools, create an audit trail, and foster cooperation throughout your organization. Once connected, users and IT professionals can more easily share knowledge, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance efficiencies.

If you use an EMR and want your systems of record to share information in a simple, secure, and contextually relevant way, then you should be looking at ServiceNow’s new HCLS workflow.

EMR Operations Management

One of the biggest logistical challenges faced by patient care organizations is managing dozens of different systems to ensure your operations run smoothly. An average hospital, for example, uses 16 different EMR vendors.

Even if you use a single EMR, there’s still the challenge of integrating all the rest of your data sources. Once the data flows, the real innovations can begin. Optimizing your EMR is imperative to patient care specifically and your organization's success generally.

The specific components to look forward to in this workflow include:

  • Systems Integration: ServiceNow communicates with all your other workflows, such as Epic, Cerner, Salesforce, Workday and Adobe
  • Patient360: See all a patient’s information in one view
  • Consent Management: Securely obtain and manage patient signatures
  • Digital Documentation: Build and share forms with patients and staff via mobile or desktop
  • Immunization Management: Track patient immunization records and allow them to self-manage appointments
  • Pre-visit Management: Speed up patient check-in by giving them access to everything before their appointment
  • Patient Support Services Enrollment: Ensure all members of the care team can access the patient’s information, so patients only need to share their story once
  • EMR Help: Clinicians can submit IT service requests right inside of the EMR system
  • EMR Upgrade Management: Keep your system current and compliant on all the latest software versions

Overall, Healthcare and Life Sciences optimizes the workflows in and around an EMR system through incident and request submissions as well as EMR upgrade management. As technology departments of hospitals strive to maintain HIPAA compliance and simplify accurate record-keeping, the HCLS workflow has that goal in mind.

See What’s in It for Your Organization

As an Elite partner with ServiceNow, we’ve had a chance to preview the technology early, which has given us the opportunity to develop a clear vision for how it can fit into different types of patient care organizations.

If you’re curious how this workflow might help your organization specifically, you can always schedule a brief call with our team.

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