Taking an Iterative Approach to ServiceNow Solutions

Shashi Jasthi
Aug 8, 2021 6:03:05 PM

Today’s business requirements are dynamic, which means that ServiceNow solutions must be capable of responding to those changes. Organizations have to keep in mind that, while the ServiceNow platform is a set of tools for automating processes, the best ServiceNow solutions are iterative in nature. By bringing an iterative approach to process development, ServiceNow professionals, the overall IT department, and the workforce can assess, develop, implement, observe, and then refine process automation for continual improvement.

It's been said that if a process is not improving, it is deteriorating. Creating ServiceNow solutions that have the needed support as well as the capacity to improve ensures that the pursuit of process efficiency, expediency, and optimal customer service is the continual goal.

By the time businesses define, deploy, and utilize any set of process activities the objectives, technology, and overall requirements for any one of those process activities or procedures could have changed. Having a sound understanding of the maturity curve of the IT Service Management (ITSM) function within an organization in conjunction with technical expertise on the ServiceNow platform is critical to addressing the dynamic changes that organizations face in the SM domain.

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