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Not Every IT Staffing Agency Can Meet the Needs of the “Gig” Economy

Ramki Venkatraman
Oct 5, 2016 8:04:00 AM

In the era of the digital and service-oriented business, organizations are dealing with rapid changes in technology to accommodate ever-more critical business processes that must be agile and responsive. As these changes drive workforce management to the top of the business agenda, the IT staffing agency must respond with IT talent that is both skilled and diverse. While full time staffing needs are still in the mix, contract workers geared to specific projects is what is being hailed as the “gig” economy.

There are two trends in the Computerworld Forecast Study 2016 that are not surprisingly high on the list of needs for businesses:

The first trend is that the usual suspects of in-demand IT skills that businesses desire includes:

  • IT Architecture
  • Programming/Application Development
  • Project Management
  • Big Data
  • BI/Analytics
  • Cloud, SaaS
  • Database Administration

Of equal importance is the fact that they also demand staff that has a technology and business background for support in reaching business goals. This is essentially the ability to bridge the IT business process communications gap to ensure maximum IT solution adoption and business process benefit.

For IT talent with the most in-demand skills, the ball is definitely in their court in terms of being able to move from project to project for the highest bidder. Having said that, organizations are actually in a strong position to respond to the gig economy and embrace the flexible staffing model when they need to accommodate specific project rollouts. Their needs lean more towards finding highly-skilled subject matter experts to augment their existing staff for peak workloads, as well as to fill specific skill gaps in teams.

With the support of the right IT staffing agency, a flexible staffing approach can be cost efficient while keeping the hiring organization nimble as technology initiatives move through typical phases of planning, implementation and support.

Not every IT staffing agency can fulfill the needs of today’s organizations with the right IT talent at the right time with the right skills mix and personality fit for their enterprise. With the growth and stability of the organization at stake with many of these projects, compromises in the mix of IT skills and business skills are not an option. Of course, not every IT staffing agency has the reach, talent database depth or proven vetting and onboarding methodologies to ensure that organizations across industries get the right match at the right time.

For many businesses the cost and time burden of finding the right IT talent on their own is a bridge too far when coupled with the expense of hiring the right IT staffer to meet a project duration of six to 12 months. Fortunately, many organizations are realizing that the right IT staffing agency can provide them with access to pre-screened, pre-trained workers with niche skills as well as superb business and interpersonal skills. Having the right IT talent that can get to work quickly and stay on for the duration of a project or as long as they are needed, allows organizations to have access to an augmented IT workforce that can be scaled up or down quickly.

To find out how Solugenix can expand your IT team with the best talent to meet contract needs for definitive duration cycles, please give us a call today at 1-866-749-7658 or email us at for more information.