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System Upgrades for ServiceNow®

Ready for Your Next Upgrade?

To keep up-to-date with the latest features and bug fixes, your ServiceNow software needs to be upgraded about once each year. Don't fall behind! Solugenix can easily handle your System Upgrades, even if you have a high number of customizations to manage.

Solugenix is trusted by ServiceNow customers worldwide
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Your Challenge

You're Starting to Fall Behind

It may take from 80 to 100 hours to complete a System Upgrade, and your team doesn't have the time or resources to complete this essential project. Finding two to three weeks every two to four quarters can be a real burden for employees juggling priorities. Add in a highly-customized or integrated platform and you're staring down an impending disaster. 

While it may not seem like a big deal, the reality is you can't go without regular system upgrades. A good argument can be made for staying one release behind, because you can count on more reliable performance. But anything further out-of-date means you run the risk of missing out on vital security, performance, and bug fixes.

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Our Solution

Upgrades On Time, Every Time

When you choose Solugenix to perform your System Upgrades as part of your Platform Support Services package, you can rest assured that your ServiceNow instance will remain supported.

We have extensive experience with ServiceNow customizations and integrations. As a result, our team can quickly understand how to proceed with your System Upgrade requirements while ensuring your processes continue to work as designed.

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Benefits of Working With Solugenix

Predictable Costs

Budgeting and planning are easy when you choose to work with us. We work according to your needs, within the agreed upon cost structure.

Flexible Engagements

Some weeks you only need one hour for ServiceNow. Others may require 20. We can scale up or down to meet your needs and achieve your business priorities.

Cost Efficiencies

Benefit from our industry expertise. We can show you how to leverage the technology quickly and based on best practices, helping you keep costs down. 

Greater ROI

Get more from your ServiceNow investment. We know how to use ServiceNow technology to deliver value.

Lower Support Costs

Your organization will save Platform Support costs by working with us. Let us show you how precision can reduce costs.

Enhance User Experiences

We know our way around ServiceNow and will ensure your users receive the best experience the platform can offer.

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Elite ServiceNow Partnership

Our team has been recognized as holding Elite Partnership status, thanks to our countless certifications and experience with the platform.

How We're Different

Solugenix is a trusted ServiceNow partner that has a history of providing excellent support and innovative services to ServiceNowM customers.

We Are Expert Project Managers

We aren't just a technology company, we're process nerds. Our company-wide focus on project management ensures you feel supported and satisfied.

Unique Customer Service Expertise

While we can deliver solutions across the ServiceNow platform, our experience with their Customer Service Management product is unrivaled. 

Precision When It Matters

Our entire methodology is based on delivering the right solution the first time, which is particularly important for our clients in regulated industries, such as finance and healthcare.  

Both Flexible & Predictable

Some of our partners need predictable costs, while others require a more flexible engagement model based on evolving priorities. Either way, we can deliver the cost efficiencies and agility you need.

More Platform Support Services

System Administration

Many clients rely on us to manage the System Administrator role, ensuring stability, continuity and elite expertise.

Platform Enhancements

Need a partner who can keep up with your  needs? We're as experienced at project management as we are with the technology.

Backlog Management

Most of our clients come to us with an enormous backlog. We'll get you caught up and develop systems to keep you there.

Knowledge Sharing

We don't hold back. If it's important, you can expect us to communicate and deliver true strategic partnership.

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