Email Series: How to Boost Your First-Time Fix Rates

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A Practical Guide for Field Service Leaders

Uncover the real reason your first-time fix rates are low

When it comes to satisfying customers, there's one field service metric that can truly make or break you: first-time fix rates. 

Companies with fewer than 50% first-time resolutions can expect an average CSAT rating under 46%, while those with higher than 80% first-time fixes get satisfaction scores of 87% or more. 

Unfortunately, there's a big difference between knowing what to fix and actually being able to fix it. When it comes to first-time resolutions, the most common challenges include: 

  • Missing key parts or equipment
  • Sending the wrong technician for the job
  • Lack of access to training materials or checklists
  • Incomplete maintenance records
  • Warranty or authorization-related delays
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