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Enhance your Customer and Agent Experience with ServiceNow and Solugenix


Easily scale to customer demand with ServiceNow Customer Service Management. Connect customers with the right team members to resolve issues with ease and precision.


Change the way your customers define satisfaction by offering effective Field Service Management solutions.


Take your IoT data and connect it with actual business context and relevant workflows.


Offer your teams the ability to use efficient and effective financial services operations technology. Enhance the customer experience while increasing employee satisfaction.


Unify telecom ops — from infrastructure technologies to the end user — with ServiceNow and provide the ultimate customer experience. 

Modernize and Elevate User Experience

Use the power of the ServiceNow platform to provide your support teams with the best customer service tools available. Working with ServiceNow includes access to:

  • Proactive Issue Management and Targeted Communications
  • Agent Workspace and Predictive Intelligence 
  • Integrated Channel and Mobile Experiences
  • Extensive customer self-service experiences and Knowledge Base
  • Omni-channel engagement with automated chat bot capabilities
  • Voice of the Customer Feedback with surveys and analytics
  • Connected front-office and back-office collaboration
  • End-to-end customer case management with root cause resolution
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Manage Tasks Done On-Location

Streamline task workflows and help your field service teams proactively address and resolve issues. Connect teams, processes, and systems to find the root cause of issues and quickly resolve them. ServiceNow gives you access to:

  • Manage technicians and tasks on-location 
  • Optimized mobile application
  • Dashboards, reporting, and more...
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Connectivity That Gets Results

Turn data into proactive decision making and realize the ROI of your IoT investment. By working with ServiceNow, you'll receive access to: 

  • IoT Bridge & Rule Builder 
  • Operations Incident Reporting
  • Connected Operations Incident and more...
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Plan For Financial Success 

Bring your financial data and workforce together with ServiceNow. Exclusive financial services tools help every decisionmaker achieve success. By working with ServiceNow you'll receive access to:

  • Financial Services Data Models
  • Card, Payment and Loan Operations 
  • Performance Analytics and Document Management and more...
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Clearer Communication Across Networks

ServiceNow offers essential telecom service management for companies who want to ensure that their network infrastructures are optimally used and managed appropriately. By working with ServiceNow, you'll receive access to: 

  • Order Management and eBonding 
  • Card, Payment and Loan Operations 
  • Performance Analytics and Document Management, and more...
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Our Proven Digital Transformation Framework

To ensure a quicker time-to-value, our model uses a progressive step-up approach



The first phase of implementation is to incrementally build out your core functional solution, using best practices as a starting point. This ensures we nail your immediate objectives, while establishing a foundation to build on.



With your core systems in place, the next step is to increase platform utilization and integrate critical systems to drive user adoption, boost ROI, and begin connecting everything to improve efficiency and analytics.



In the final phase, your Digital Transformation is taken enterprise-wide, seamlessly connecting systems and apps to maximize ROI and enable continuous process optimization.

Industries We Serve

Information Technology

Optimize digital transformation with ServiceNow to enhance user experience and redefine they way you support mission-critical workflows.

Financial Services

Working with financial organizations around the world, ServiceNow provides best-in-class solutions the drive innovation in the finance industry.


With the power of integrated solutions and services, ServiceNow helps complex manufacturing and supply chains remain agile and able to grow with demand.

Franchise & Retail

Create clear communications and drive innovation in franchise and retail. From POS to vendor management, utilize the power of ServiceNowTM to lower costs and unify teams.

Healthcare & Devices

Ensure client satisfaction, along with device support, by working with Solugenix's expert healthcare and medical device teams to leverage the power of ServiceNowTM.


Connect your telecom operations and work with ServiceNow customized solutions to enhance your network and customer experience.

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ServiceNow Elite Partner Badge

Elite ServiceNow Partnership

Our team has been recognized as holding Elite Partnership status, thanks to our countless certifications and experience with the platform.

How We're Different

Solugenix is a trusted ServiceNow partner that has a history of providing excellent support and innovative services to ServiceNow customers.

We Are Expert Project Managers

We aren't just a technology company, we're process nerds. Our company-wide focus on project management ensures you feel supported and satisfied.

Unique Customer Service Expertise

While we can deliver solutions across the ServiceNow platform, our experience with their Customer Service Management product is unrivaled. 

Precision When It Matters

Our entire methodology is based on delivering the right solution the first time, which is particularly important for our clients in regulated industries, such as finance and healthcare.  

Both Flexible & Predictable

Some of our partners need predictable costs, while others require a more flexible engagement model based on evolving priorities. Either way, we can deliver the cost efficiencies and agility you need.

Top 1% in Customer Satisfaction

We consistently average a 94-98% CSAT score, ranking us in the top 1% of ServiceNow Partners

CSAT Scores
“I have had the pleasure of working with the Solugenix team for the past year and I can firmly say that this is the best development team that I have had in all my 20 years of managing projects and programs. Words cannot express how much I recommend this team. Thank you all for being such great team members. If I had to rate you on a 1-5 scale, you would get a 5++!”

Program Manager, Retail Tech Manufacturer

“You really set the gold standard for me in terms of being a flexible and engaged business partner. It's been an honor and a pleasure working with you.”

Vice President, Retail Systems Management

“Solugenix has been very responsive. The consistency of your team and the stability of the team makes our job easier, because your team understands the job, but they also understand our company.”

Controller, DoALL

Why Choose Solugenix?

Deeper Platform Expertise
Return on Investment
Top 1% Satisfaction Scores

Solugenix has a history of success — consistently ranking in the top-1% of ServiceNow partners for customer satisfaction (CSAT). Customers who engage with Solugenix, for any product or service, become customers for life.

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Cosmos Multiple Choice Assessment

Does your customer service stand up to the competition?

Our unique Maturity Model provides a framework through which to assess your organization’s Customer Service capabilities. After an in-depth analysis, we'll let you know how your organization stacks up to the competition and provide actionable insights you can use to deliver elite customer service.

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