Case Study: How Easterseals Improved Employee Satisfaction with IT Service Management

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About Easterseals Northern California

Easterseals is America’s largest non-profit provider of health and human services, committed to the comprehensive health and wellness of over 1.5 million people annually.

It responds to the needs of the one in four Americans living with disability. It also serves military veterans, their families and caregivers to ensure a successful transition to civilian life.

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The Challenge

Easterseals Northern California was using a solution that did not conform to a best practice framework for service management. Their system had no provision for self-service, so Helpdesk Agents were spending more time answering phone calls than working to resolve issues.

Dashboards and reports were the biggest challenge for the company, as they were either non-existent or extremely limited. Growth in the business was quickly making their current setup virtually unworkable.

Technical Situation:

  • ServiceNow® instance upgrade was required to maintain serviceability
  • Manual processes were causing redundant tasks and inefficiencies
  • There was no method to monitor, track and scale IT Support
  • Security enhancements needed to be implemented

The Goal

Easterseals Northern California’s goal was to implement ServiceNow and follow recommended best practices. The team sought a single system of record to simplify processes and reduce redundant tasks.

They also aimed to set up a comprehensive IT Self-Service offering for their users that would support their current processes and help them prepare for future business growth. 

  • Follow ITIL best practices for IT service management
  • Establish a single system of record
  • ITSM to include: Incident, Problem, Change, Knowledge, Service Catalog and Employee Service Portal
  • Maintain currently established IT service processes where required

Why They Chose Us

Trusted Partner

Solugenix is a trusted ServiceNow business partner, with Elite Status.

Project Management

The Solugenix team of experts has significant experience and superior skills in both process and project management, providing for smooth client implementations.

Industry Expertise

We are the industry experts, well-prepared and knowledgeable on all aspects of ServiceNow instances and customizations.


We are quick to define and implement the right solutions for our clients, ensuring rapid time-to-value.

Simplify Processes, Reduce Redundant Tasks, Implement Best Practices

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Our Solution

Solugenix worked with Easterseals Northern California to implement a single system of record that aligns to ITIL best practices. This helps the organization decrease the number of costly re-occurring incidents and increases IT efficiency. Easterseals Northern California can track IT tickets, send automated email and enable users to create tickets through the self-service portal.

The organization now has the ability to accurately report on key business functions and metrics that affect their employees. Easterseals Northern California has also developed a continual service improvement process for IT services. IT department resources are now able to work on strategic projects and corporate priorities, with no need for additional resources.

The solution for Easterseals Northern California includes:

  • Decrease costly re-occurring incidents, problems, and changes
  • Accurate reporting and tracking on key business functions and metrics
  • Efficient and traceable IT Service processes and solutions
  • Continual improvement process for IT services
  • Superior self-service experience where users create tickets
  • Improved response times and increased employee satisfaction
  • Sending automated email notifications
  • Leverage LDAP integration and SSO authentication to import users/groups from Active Directory and enable secured authentication services

Our Results

Easterseals Northern California choice to work with Solugenix provided quick solutions and implementations, enabling rapid time-to-value for this project. Management has accurate reports, ensuring appropriate and cost-effective investments in resources.

Employee satisfaction is increasing, resolutions are quickly reached and the significant decrease in incidents empowers employees to focus on strategic objectives.

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“The team at Solugenix knew how to find the best-in-class solutions that work for us. We are extremely pleased with the new ITSM system and all the time-saving features it enables for our team.”

Easterseals Northern California IT Management

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