CoSMoSSM Assessment: Your Benchmark for Customer Service Excellence

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Companies that focus on Customer Service will see their efforts impact the bottom line. This advantage makes sense when you consider that these companies are more likely to achieve positive customer satisfaction scores and greater customer loyalty, which leads to higher lifetime customer values.

The real challenge is knowing where you stack up and what you can be doing better... specifically. Every organization believes they have a great service culture, but they can't all be right. CoSMoSSM will show you the truth. 

We originally developed CoSMoSSM to help our customers develop a prioritized plan for keeping pace with the rapidly-evolving needs of modern customers. Not simply based on "best practices," but on an analysis of what moves the needle for service excellence within your industry. 

CoSMoSSM highlights the behaviors, technologies, processes and practices that top-performing companies with excellent Customer Service have adopted and ranks them using a maturity model. Typically, companies that are further along in "maturity" are more efficient, scalable, and profitable compared to others. 

Here's how it works: one of our customer service experts will assess your current capabilities, as well as your industry. Then, using the CoSMoSSM framework, we'll provide a detailed report and prioritized next steps for taking your customer service to the next level.